Making Test

I believe that each person should have at least one hobby that involves building or making something.

  • My crochet notes - Crocheting has become one of my favorite activities. It’s easy, tactile, relaxing, and portable. I can make useful items, such as hats and scarves, or I can make silly things, such as snowflakes and hyperbolic geometry-related structures.

  • Making naturally-leavened sourdough bread - This might be my favorite food because of its taste, versatility, and simplicity. I “hatched” my starter in January 2010 at a Zingerman’s bread baking class in Ann Arbor. More bread thoughts.

  • Brewing beer - This is a shared hobby with my wife that has taken a hit due to time constraints. Hopefully, we return to this tasty activity soon.

  • Maintaining a backyard garden started in 2014 and continuing into 2017.

  • Roasting coffee beans - I even roasted decaffeinated coffee beans, which turned out shockingly well. This was the first time that I have enjoyed decaf coffee.

  • Making pizza - My favorite pizzas remain the ones that I make at home, especially when I use toppings that were made by my wife.

  • Watercolor links and notes - My sketches are weak, therefore they remain private. But it’s fun. I like to slow down and observe. For portability, I use a very small watercolor set with a few paints and a waterbrush.